Fiduciary litigation and guardianship actions are tension-filled matters.

You need a knowledgeable, reliable, and unflappable lawyer at your side as you navigate the legal standards, burdens of proof and statutes governing disputes involving wills, trusts or guardianships. We bring significant experience and insight into the legal, family and control issues that permeate such disputes, and will help you focus and succeed in resolving the critical issues they present.

Among the fiduciary matters we address are:

  • Will contests and trust contests, on behalf of the fiduciaries and/or beneficiaries under challenged documents or other parties who seek to challenge them
  • Litigation involving the use and/or the abuse of a power of attorney
  • Trustee/beneficiary disputes, either on behalf of fiduciaries or disappointed beneficiaries
  • Fiduciary litigation involving the proper interpretation of a will or trust
  • Guardianship litigation, on behalf of a person or entity seeking to have someone adjudicated an incapacitated person, the alleged incapacitated person, or an interested family member
  • Representation of charitable entities with respect to their interests in estates and trusts, including litigation if necessary
  • Fees and commissions litigation, on behalf of fiduciaries and their counsel, or those who seek to challenge fees or commissions